Develop Reading Fluency with All About Reading

Continuing with the theme of "Get Caught Reading" month, this week's resource is All About Reading.  This complete, multi-sensory reading program was written by a homeschooling mom.  The five levels of the program (pre-reading, and levels 1 through 4) provide several years of instruction in phonics and reading comprehension.  Placement tests are available to help you find the appropriate level for your child.


Celebrate Poetry month with Shel Silverstein

Since April is poetry month, it's a good time to look at Shel Silverstein's website.  

As expected, the site has information about the author and all his books.  There are 50th anniversary editions of several of the books.  This would be a great time to pull out your copies of "The Giving Tree" or "Where the Sidewalk Ends" (or buy new ones!) and share them with your kids.


Stay Organized with Homeschool Tracker

This week I'm featuring a resource that was invaluable to me in my years in the homeschooling trenches. Homeschool Tracker is a very well-designed and versatile computer-based planning system developed by a homeschooling family. The customer service they provide is extraordinary, and the community of users is also very helpful. If you use Homeschool Tracker, you will want to take advantage of the help. Since the system is so flexible, with many features, it takes a little time and effort to find the best way of using it to match your homeschooling style.



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