Fun Summer Learning Resources


Does your family follow the “traditional” school model with structured curriculum and a September through May or June schedule? Are you unschooling life-learners who spend your days exploring whatever captures your interests? Or do you fall somewhere in the middle of this broad scale of learning?

Whatever your family’s homeschooling style, summer is a good time to shake things up and do some informal, curiosity-based learning. These resources are great places to begin your explorations.


  • Wonderopolis is a perfect place to begin a learning adventure. Each daily “wonder” answers a few related questions with a text article, a short video and some suggested activities. But the greatest thing about the site is that it encourages curiosity with links to related wonders. Make it a practice to visit the site regularly. Explore the wonder of the day, look for wonders around a specific subject (like math, science, or arts and culture), or pick randomly from the Wonder Jar. Just give yourself plenty of time to follow the rabbit trails!

  • Revitalize your Lego play with Rebrickable. You can input all the lego sets you own and search for designs to build with them. You can also learn about virtual Lego building, share your own creations with others, and talk with other Lego enthusiasts on the forums.

  • Spend some time this summer doing good as a family with the help of the non-profit Doing Good Together. Find projects to participate in as a family, read blog posts to inspire your parenting, or find books and resources to help your children learn about compassion, kindness, and community involvement.

  • Chemistry and Comic Books?! Combine these two unlikely topics with a visit to the Periodic Table of Comic Books. Click on any element in the table and find comic book pages with references to the element. (You can also find scientific information using the links to a more traditional periodic table.)

  • Anyone can be a real researcher with the help of Zooniverse. Choose from dozens of people-powered research projects and contribute to their findings. You might be identifying animals or plants in photos, transcribing historical records, or helping to map the galaxy! What a rewarding way to increase your own knowledge while adding to the learning of all humankind!

  • Learn something new and interesting every day with The Kid Should See This. The site adds new short videos every day with interesting information on just about anything you can think of! You can subscribe and get seven new videos in your inbox each week, or you can just explore the site, or search for something specific. A great resource for feeding your child’s curiosity.

  • Explore great children’s books at Storyline Online. Here you can watch videos of actors reading stories, download activity guides, and purchase books through quick links to Barnes and Noble. Who wouldn’t want a bedtime story from James Earl Jones or Betty White?!

  • Go on a musical adventure with Classics for Kids. On this site you can learn about composers and instruments of the orchestra, listen to music or interviews with musicians, learn about reading music and musical words, and even compose your own music.

  • Tap into your artistic talents with Art for Kids Hub. Choose one of the many video art lessons on drawing, sculpting, painting, origami, or paper cut-out projects. This is a great place for activities to spark artistic creativity.

  • With all that active learning, you’ll be hungry! So now it’s time to visit Kids Cooking Activities and have the kids help make a snack, or an entire meal. This website is chock full of recipes and ideas to get kids comfortable in the kitchen. Time spent learning these skills means Mom can eventually take some time off from cooking!


I hope these FREE resources will give you hours of fun family learning time this summer!


Happy Homeschooling!