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A Great Blog from Rebecca Rupp

If you've done much research about homeschooling, you've probably seen Rebecca Rupp's name.  She has written several books about homeschooling, as well as fiction and non-fiction books for children and adults.  She is currently writing a few blogs, including one called "Let's Learn All About It!"


Past/Present: a Game That Teaches History

Since tomorrow is July fourth, this week's resource focuses on American history. Past/Present is a free online game that takes students to a fictional New England town in the year of 1906.  The player takes on the role of either an immigrant worker or manager at the town's textile mill. Both characters must earn money to support their families and deal with the labor problems that are facing the mill.


Classical Homeschooling: "The Well-Trained Mind"

For those new to homeschooling, "The Well-Trained Mind" is a book by Jesse Wise and her daughter, Susan Wise Bauer.  It's come to be known as the Classical Homeschooler's Bible.  If you want to implement the classical method in your homeschool, it's probably the first book you should buy, and the website has a wealth of information and helpful resources.


Montessori for Everyone Provides Quality Materials and Information

This week's featured resource deals with the Montessori method.  Montessori for Everyone comes from a Montessori-trained homeschooling mom, and provides useful information and quality materials for implementing the method at home or in a classroom.  


Implement Charlotte Mason's Philosophy with Ambleside Online

For the next several weeks, I'll be featuring resources connected with specific homeschooling methods.  (I'm doing some research in preparation for offering online homeschool consulting for individuals and small groups.  Watch for announcements in the fall!)  This week I'm focusing on Charlotte Mason's philosophy, which is the basis of the Ambleside Online curriculum.


Launch Your Reader with Reading Rockets

The last of my featured resources for "Get Caught Reading" month is Reading Rockets. This website comes from a non-profit organization sponsored by Public Television, and includes a wealth of information on teaching children to read.  

A large section of the website is devoted to struggling readers, so this is a great place to begin research if your child is having difficulty with reading.  There is an assessment system called "Target the Problem", and hundreds of articles with research, information and ideas.


Develop Reading Fluency with All About Reading

Continuing with the theme of "Get Caught Reading" month, this week's resource is All About Reading.  This complete, multi-sensory reading program was written by a homeschooling mom.  The five levels of the program (pre-reading, and levels 1 through 4) provide several years of instruction in phonics and reading comprehension.  Placement tests are available to help you find the appropriate level for your child.



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