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Tomorrow is Haiku Day!

What to write about...
This is the thought I ponder.
Haikus are such fun!

In celebration of International Haiku Day on April 17, here's a resource for exploring this wonderfully accessible form of poetry.

The great thing about Haikus is that anyone can write one that sounds relatively impressive! (See example above!)  

Pi Day is Coming!

Next Monday (3/14) is Pi Day! And you may not realize that it's also Albert Einstein's birthday. What a great day to celebrate! So here are several resources for learning about Albert Einstein and the history and importance of Pi.

This article from has some good information on Albert Einstein, and a few Pi Day fun facts thrown in.

Learn About Electronics with EEME

February 25th is "Introduce a Girl to Engineering" day, so this week's resource can help you teach your daughter (or son!) about electronics in an entertaining, hands-on way.

EEME is a company started by a regular dad who was looking for fun and truly educational toys for his kids. The projects kits and online lessons he created are designed to allow parents and kids to learn as they build electronic circuits together. 

Language Can Change the World: A Lesson for Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King day is here again; and if your children are past elementary age, you're probably looking for a new and more challenging way to acknowlege this important event.  The Self-Evident Truth book series from Royal Fireworks Press explores a concept Dr. King knew well: language can change the world!

What the heck is NaNoWriMo?!

In case you've never heard of it, November is National Novel Writing Month. If your children (or you!) are budding writers, sign up and get a month of encouragement and inspiration from fellow writers all over the world. When you register, you set a word count goal and work toward meeting that goal during the month. You can read pep talks from published writers; connect with other participants through forums and online events; and find articles, questionnaires and other resources to help you through rough spots.


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