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Game Salad

Learn computer science through game design with this online visual programming platform. There are options for annual subscriptions to the software and added curriculum materials. The price is a little high, but it's a great tool for harnessing enthusiasm for video games!

School History

This British site has resources for history learning at jr. high and high school levels. There are some resources available for free, but most require a subscription (reasonably priced.) Resources include printable worksheets and information, powerpoint presentations, short videos and more.

Suburban Science

This is a small mom-owned company that provides science resources. The shop on Teachers Pay Teachers offers lesson and unit plans, activities, games, and lots of printables. There are also a few online classes for high school level students. These appear to be religiously neutral materials, but don't cover evolution in a comprehensive way.

Mrs. Wordsmith

This company provides books and activities for developing vocabulary. The fun illustrations spark creative thinking and help with recall. Materials are designed for preschool through jr. high level learners.

iLearn Math

An online math curriculum for K through algebra. This program uses flash-based exercises for practice and assessment. Activities are customized to the child's abilities to challenge and encourage learning. It lacks the bells and whistles of many online programs, and the price is a bit high. But it could work for some students.


An online learning app for elementary level students, covering language arts, math, STEM, art and foreign language topics. Includes animated lessons and activities, narrated stories, games, progress tracking, and more. The affordable monthly subscription allows up to 4 students.

Spanish Mama

If you're interested in raising a child fluent in Spanish, this is a good place to start. The blog has loads of great ideas, and her Teachers Pay Teachers store has all sorts of printable materials. There are also links to videos, songs, games and more. Try out some of the free downloads to see what you think of the learning materials.

D-Day Overlord

This website has a wealth of information on D-Day and the Battle of Normandy. There are text articles, plus hours of video content and thousands of photos. Articles include stories of veterans; explanations of military tactics, weaponry and equipment; and much more. This is a great resource for a unit on World War II or military history.

Project Wild

This program comes from the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. It's goal is to develop awareness of wildlife and environmental issues. The full curriculum is available to educators (which seems to include more than public school teachers) who attend a training workshop. There is no cost information on the website, but a co-op or other group should be able to schedule a workshop. The website also has free resources to accompany many of the activities in the curriculum, so it could be useful even without the complete set of materials.

Rooted in Language

This company provides instructional materials and educator training for Language Arts at all levels. The curriculum materials are pdf's with lessons, printable hands-on activities and games. All the resources are very affordable. The online teacher training could be very useful if you have a child struggling with reading or writing.