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This is a great site for lego lovers! You can set up an account, input the lego sets you own, and get plans for building other projects with your lego collection. You can also share your own creations with others.

Marine Bio

This is a non-profit organization with a mission to share the wonders of the ocean. Their site has all sorts of information, including a species database, lots of videos, and links to many more fun places on the web. 

Code Spark

This is an app for young children to begin learning coding. An interesting quote from the site: "We believe all kids are natural builders and programming is one of the most rewarding and powerful ways to build." The cost for the app is a bit high, but there are some free teacher resources that look very useful.

Science Buddies

This site has lots of free resources for science projects and fairs. You can find project ideas, step by step guides and even help in organizing your own science fair. There are also lesson plans, and integration with Google Classroom. Projects kits, with materials and instructions are available for reasonable prices.

Read Theory

A free online reading comprehension program. Students begin with an assessment and all assignments/quizzes are automatically generated by the program. Parents can check progress through online reports. A sister site provides printed materials at very reasonable prices.