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Math Live

This site has a collection of interactive lessons on math concepts for upper elementary and jr. high levels. There are teacher notes and assessment activities available in pdf form. The interface is a little awkward, so finding the lesson you want takes a little work. But the lessons are engaging and it's all free!

Sparkle Stories

This company provides audio stories for children that inspire laughter, kindness, and creativity. There are recipes, crafts and learning activities to accompany many of the stories. You can purchase collections of stories, or get a monthly subscription for access to all of the content.


This incredibly useful site catalogs the texts of 192 different constitutions from around the world. You can compare texts on different topics, search for words and phrases, and filter by date. What a valuable tool for studying world governments!

Poetry Out Loud

This is a national competition in poetry recitation for high school age students. The "official" competition is run by state art agencies, through public schools, so homeschoolers may need to advocate for participation. But the website has some great resources for learning, memorizing, and reciting poetry.

Math TV

This website has free video explanations of jr. high and high school level math concepts. There are also e-books with accompanying worksheets and videos available for purchase. A reasonably priced annual pass gives you access to all texts and materials.

Lemonade Day

If you have a budding entrepreneur in your family, this site is for you! Join in your local Lemonade Day activities and help your child learn financial literacy, problem solving, goal setting and more.