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Alien Earths

This website was part of a traveling exhibit about life on other planets. (The exhibit is no longer traveling, but the website still has good resources.) It includes interactive content, online games, and some great links.

Math Help

Online math curriculum for junior high, high school and college levels. Includes video lessons, online practice and tests, and printable worksheets. Subscription gives you access to all courses for your family, but only includes tracking and records for one student. Price is reasonable, and there are sample lessons to try out the program.


This is a system that uses music to teach languages. You can purchase CD's or download the audio files and accompanying workbook, or use the app. There are quite a few languages, and the price is reasonable.

Timeline Index

A free interactive timeline from the Big Bang to the Present. It's pretty easy to navigate once you understand how it's organized. A nice little feature allows you to add links to the entries, which could be a fun learning activity.

Math on the Level

This curriculum has a very different approach to math learning. It's designed to allow teaching of concepts as the child is ready to learn them, and uses hands-on, life-learning activities. Materials include several books with activities for different areas of math (operations, fractions, money and decimals, geometry and measurement) plus games, resources and record keeping. There is also an online practice component available. *A note about price: it is a multi-year program, so the overall cost is very reasonable.