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Learn Bop

This is an online, personalized math curriculum for grades 3 through 12. You choose your child's learning path by grade level or subject matter, and the adaptive system finds any gaps in knowledge and helps students learn new concepts. Looks to be a very comprehensive and affordable math program.

Debra Bell

Debra is the author of the "Readers in Residence" and "Writers in Residence" language arts curricula. She also leads AIM Academy, which provides online classes for high school students. Classes include SAT, CLEP and AP test prep, along with several other subjects. Debra also publishes several printed planning tools. *A note about religious content: I have never used these materials, so cannot say what sort of religious perspective they contain.

Heidi Songs

This company provides learning songs for pre-school and primary levels, with printable resources to accompany them. The songs are available on CD's, DVD's and online videos. They cover phonics, reading, math, and other early learning concepts. Great for kinetic and auditory learners.

Meet the Masters

This online art curriculum combines art history and hands-on art instruction. You can purchase a "track" with lessons on 5 different artists, choosing from three age levels. There are also bundles with multiple tracks, and you can save money by sharing the curriculum with other families, or purchase through Homeschool Buyers Co-op.

All Sides

This website provides access to news content from all sides and attempts to evaluate biases. It's goal is to remove readers from their "filter bubbles", promote critical thinking, and fight polarization. It's a great resource for older students (and adults!) in these difficult political times.

Hoffman Academy

This is a very reasonably priced system for learning piano. There are video lessons and printable music. As a musician and former piano teacher, I'm impressed with the thorough, gentle approach of Mr. Hoffman in the videos. This is a much less expensive option than private music lessons, so a great way to get started.