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Great Science Adventures

Multi-level science studies for grades K-8.  They use printable mini-books and graphic organizers to present information.  There are also simple experiments.  It can be a comple curriculum, but in an attempt to avoid the creation/evolution debate, they leave out some important concepts.

Homeschool Learning Network

This company provides inexpensive unit studies in pdf form.  They include links to information sites and recommendations for books (many are available at most libraries.)  You can register as a user (for free) and get a discount at the e-store.  You can also pay for a membership upgrade that gives you access to a "full" curriculum.  (You may feel the need to supplement!)

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

This is a great organization that gets discounts on curriculum and other resources throught group buying power.  Especially good for web-based curriculum, software, and subscription services like Brain Pop or Discovery Education Streaming.  They even have an online planner.  Membership is free.