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This is a website from a high school history teacher with thousands of links. It appears not to be maintained anymore, and some links are dead, but there is still a lot of good stuff. There are also quite a few online quizzes and other resources that were part of several AP classes. It will take a bit of looking, but there are some real gems here!


This site from Underwriters Laboratories provides jr. high level resources for scientific thinking and problem solving. The lab modules include interactive video, and data analysis. There are also extension resources including related experiments,videos on science careers, news articles and links for further learning.

Cozy Grammar

Inexpensive online courses in grammar, punctuation and spelling. Includes video lessons and online practice and tests. The video lessons are very well done, in beautiful settings that make them enjoyable to watch.


This site from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has lesson plans, games, brain teasers, and online interactives for learning K-12 math concepts. You can search by grade level, topic or common core standards. Lots of great resources for free!


This is a new, secular, literature-based curriculum that strives to be multi-cultural and promote gender equality and scientific thinking. It includes book lists and activities for literature, social studies, science, arts, and character building, as well as recommendations for math and reading materials. As of this writing, level K is available, level 1 is coming immanently, and level 2 within a few months. Looks like a very thorough program that is getting a lot of buzz in the community!

Code Club

Free resources for learning coding through projects. There are projects using Scratch, Python, HTML, and other languages, plus resources for starting your own coding club. 

Lets Go Geography

An elementary geography curriculum including map activities, notebooking pages, links to online activities, and more. The program is still in development, with one year (of a proposed 3-year sequence) available. Very reasonably priced.


A collection of free stories, poems, essays and other writing in audio and pdf form. It appears to be mostly public domain content, and is well-organized. You can browse authors, genres, and reading levels. There are also some collection based on themes and topics.

Euclid's Elements

This simple but informative site breaks down the concepts from "Elements of Geometry" into small, understandable pieces. A great tool for jr. high and high school students to explore the logical progression used in proofs. No bells or whistles, but free and easy to navigate.