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ABC Mouse

A complete online curriculum for Pre-school and Kindergarten.  Includes reading, math, science, art & colors, and music.  Reasonable subscription price means no ads!

Five in a Row

A literature/unit study based curriculum for pre-school through elementary ages.  Each week, you read a new children's literature selection with your students and choose activities in various subjects to accompany the book.  The publisher recommends using separate phonics/reading and math curriculum.  There are also some lapbooking and notebooking resources available.

Math Mammoth

A very affordable math curriculum for grades 1-6.  (Kindergarten and Pre-algebra are supposed to be published soon.)  Appears to have ample practice materials and is well-known in the homeschooling community.

Fun Trivia

This site has lots (and lots!) of trivia quizzes.  Many are on history, geography and science topics.  Could be a fun way to check what your students have learned in a study unit.

Easy Fun School

This site has a hodge-podge of different resources.  There are some lessons, some "unit studies" (which I would really consider mini-units, not very in-depth.)  A lot of the links in the history section are recipes, which can be fun.  There are a few printables and some links to online courses.  It might be a good place to browse if you're looking for activities to fill out a unit study.