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Help for New Homeschoolers

This resource set is for new homeschooling parents. Ten pages of helpful information and links to get you started on your homeschooling adventure! Read about homeschooling methods, learning styles, planning tools, organizational tips, and some questions you probably haven't thought of yet. The links will take you to even more useful resources; and if you still need help finding answers, you can get your $5 back as a discount on a consulting session!


American West Study Unit

This is a 12-week unit for grades 3 through 12.  It includes weekly plans and uses History Scribe resources and a mini-lapbook on the California Gold Rush.  Each week's plans include websites, reading suggestions from Joy Hakim's History of US series and documentary videos available on Netflix.  The necessary curriculum materials can be purchased for only $2.


Vikings Unit

A study unit on Vikings using lapbook and/or notebook resources.  Includes links to websites, books, videos, crafts and games. Can be done with free curriculum materials and resources. 


Australia Geography Unit

This is a study unit on Australia including geography topics, aboriginal culture, Australian animals and "Waltzing Matilda" (among other things!)  It's designed to cover about a month of study, but could be expanded or shortened to fit your needs.  Essential curriculum materials cost $7.  Can be expanded with various resources and materials (including a didgerigoo) that cost up to $50.