Be Smarter Than the Groundhog!

I've always thought Groundhog Day was a very strange tradition! It seems a pretty pointless (if rather fun!) holiday. But for homeschoolers it's a good excuse for learning about weather. So here's a fun website that will give you a leg up on Punxsatawney Phil in predicting the weather!

Weather Wiz Kids was created by meteorologist and mom, Crystal Wicker. It's full of kid-friendly information and activities about weather and natural disasters. Each topic page has text and pictures in question and answer form to keep kids engaged. There are also links to lesson plans, activities and experiments to continue your learning.

The experiment section includes a few dozen hands-on activities that can be done with household items. The simple instructions and explanations make these accessible even for science-challenged parents!

The kid zone includes jokes and weather folklore, along with a really nice section on careers in weather (complete with college information!)

You can also email Crystal your weather questions, and older kids (or adults) might enjoy her other site: Exploring Weather.

Explore Weather Wiz Kids, and you'll be able to out-predict the Groundhog!

Happy Homeschooling!