Consulting Services

Homeschooling is a big undertaking! There are many ways you can get support and advice from other homeschooling parents including local support groups, helpful websites and online forums.  But sometimes you just need some personal help from someone who's been in the trenches.

Whether you're just starting out and overwhelmed with all the possibilities, or you've just hit a rough patch and need a fresh perspective and some useful suggestions, I'm here to help!  I can give you suggestions on homeschooling methods or curriculum materials that may work for your family. I can help you find the right amount of structure and organization to fit your family's learning style and personalities. And I'll probably ask a few questions you haven't thought of that will help you put the pieces together to envision and accomplish your homeschooling goals.

I charge $40 for a telephone consulting session. You can begin by submitting this web form, which will provide me with some basic information to prepare for the session. During your 45-60 minute session, I'll work with you to solve any problems or concerns you've mentioned in the form.  I may give you specific recommendations about methods, resources, or organization.  I'll also do my best to answer any specific questions you have.

If you have any questions about my consulting service, please email me at  I hope to begin offering online consulting sessions soon!