A Great Blog from Rebecca Rupp

If you've done much research about homeschooling, you've probably seen Rebecca Rupp's name.  She has written several books about homeschooling, as well as fiction and non-fiction books for children and adults.  She is currently writing a few blogs, including one called "Let's Learn All About It!"

This blog is a wonderful resource for anyone using a unit study or unschooling approach, because each entry is a list of books and other resources for learning all about a particular topic. The most recent entry, on the Middle Ages, includes over 100 resources.  There are books, films and web resources listed in several subtopics, including Medieval life, legends, King Arthur, Robin Hood, Beowulf, the Plague, and more.

The posts on the blog cover quite a variety of topics, from Presidential elections to cows to chocolate! Posts are also divided into catagories, so you can easily find topics that interest you. 

If you're looking for resources for a unit study, or just to satisfy your child's curiosity, Let's Learn All About It! is a great place to start! 

You might also want to check out Rupp's books on homeschooling.  One that I found particularly useful was "Homelearning Year by Year", which gives you guidelines and resources for homeschooling each year from Kindergarten through high school.

Happy Homeschooling!