The Homeschool Community: a Great Source of Wisdom

I'm going to shift gears a little with my blog post this week. I spent most of yesterday at a wonderful ceremony honoring women of all ages. (The ceremony is called Women of the 14th Moon, and you can read about it here.) One of the things we talked about in the ceremony honoring Elders was the importance of sharing our wisdom.

After spending the day with so many wonderful women, I am feeling particularly wise; smiley so I wanted to share a bit of advice, and some links that will provide more sources of homeschooling wisdom.

First the advice: I think the most important thing that homeschooling families can keep in mind (whether you're newbies or veterans) is to get out of the institutional box. If you try to replicate public or private school at home, you will cause yourself a lot of un-nesessary stress. Remember that there are many ways to learn that don't look anything like a classroom with desks, bulletin boards and textbooks. Take advantage of the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling to seek out diverse learning experiences, and always make "what works for my family" the most important consideration in your decisions.

Fortunately, there is a creative, helpful and varying community of homeschoolers in the world; so there are many places you can go for ideas and advice. Look for your fellow homeschoolers in real life and online; and ask them to share their experience and wisdom. Here are a couple of specific ways to find advice online:

1.  Right here on my website, one of the resource types I list is Homeschooling Help. These resources include websites about general homeschooling or specific homeschooling methods, and also some wonderful blogs by homeschooling moms.

2. Online homeschooling groups are a great way to connect. There are so many groups available and each group has it's own flavor. It may take you a while to find the groups that best fit your style and personality, but the right groups will provide you with invaluable help and community. Start by searching for "homeschool" in Yahoo Groups or Facebook. Once you've found some groups to join, you can ask questions and share your own wisdom with others in the community.

We all know that homeschooling is a daunting task, and we can use as much help as we can get. But sharing your own experience and wisdom is often as helpful as recieving advice, and a great way of contributing to the global homeschool adventure!

Happy Homeschooling!