Learn About Electronics with EEME

February 25th is "Introduce a Girl to Engineering" day, so this week's resource can help you teach your daughter (or son!) about electronics in an entertaining, hands-on way.

EEME is a company started by a regular dad who was looking for fun and truly educational toys for his kids. The projects kits and online lessons he created are designed to allow parents and kids to learn as they build electronic circuits together. 

There are 10 free introductory lessons that teach basic concepts. These can be completed online without any extra materials, because they include a "virtual" circuit board and components. There are photos that show what the actual components look like, so you could easily purchase the parts from your local Radio Shack.

Once you've completed these lessons and caught the building bug, you may want to buy project kits or subscribe to receive them monthly. The project kits also have associated online lessons and can be built, taken apart, and rebuilt as often as you like. So if everyone can be patient and share, one subscription or kit will be sufficient for the whole family! (This is a good thing for homeschooling families, because the subscription costs $19/month and some of the more complicated kits are a bit pricey.) The great thing about these kits is that they are real electronic components, not toys. So as you move on to more complicated projects you're building a collection of parts that can be used for all sorts of useful tools!

So learn some basics about electronics and encourage your future engineers by checking out the possibilities of EEME!

Happy Homeschooling!