Math is Fun...No, really!

I found this website a few days ago while googling about Fibonacci numbers (because November 23rd is Fibonacci Day!)

Math Is Fun definitely lives up to it's name! It is full of games, puzzles, activities and fun facts about math. The information and activities are organized into sections on numbers, measurement, data, geometry, and algebra. You can pick a section to explore or look for help with a specific topic or skill.

There is also a curriculum plan which lists concepts and learning activities by grade level. This would make a wonderful (and free!) basic structure for your math curriculum. You just need to add some mechanism for practicing the skills either on the computer or on paper. The site's worksheet section could get you started with that task as well.

But the really "fun" part of the site for this math geek is the Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary. The nearly 800 illustrated definitions make exploring math concepts an entertaining adventure! From abacus to zero, you'll find a multitude of ideas to inspire your child's inner mathematician.

Happy Homeschooling!