Miquon: Discovery-based Math

The Miquon math curriculum was developed in the 1960's by Lore Rasmussen. It uses a hands-on, discovery-based approach to learning math concepts. The questions guide students to discover the relationships between numbers and operations using various methods, including number lines and cuisenaire rods.  

The curriculum materials include student and teacher books. The six student books are designed for use in grades 1 through 3, covering basic number concepts, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, place value, fractions and more. The teacher books include "Notes to Teachers" (Rasmussen's statement of the philosophy behind Miquon,) "Lab Annotations" (the teacher manual for the student books) and "First-Grade Diary" (a daily log from a year in a first grade classroom. It contains many ideas for using the materials.)

Miquon is an ideal program for kinesthetic learners and could work quite well with an unschooling style of learning.

The cost of this program is also quite reasonable.

Check out the Miquon Website to see if this resource would work for your family! And leave a comment on my resource listing if you have experience with Miquon Math.

Happy Homeschooling!