My Homeschool Journey


My homeschooling adventure began in 1999 when my daughter was in pre-school and my son was just a toddler. The pre-school gave parents information on the local public school options for Kindergarten. After talking to a couple of friends who were Kindergarten teachers, and looking into class sizes, I knew that my daughter would not be happy with 30 Kindergarten classmates.

I had a college friend who was homeschooling, and she suggested I do some reading on the subject. The first book I read ("The Homeschooling Book of Answers", by Linda Dobson) made me look at education differently. I stepped out of the "formal education" box and realized there are many ways for a child to learn the skills necessary for a productive life.

I discussed the possibility with my husband, and although he had some initial reservations, we've continued the adventure and never regretted the decision!

As our family experienced the homeschooling way of life, we settled into an eclectic, relatively structured method of learning.  (That's what seemed to work best for our family structure and personalities.)  Over the years, like all homeschooling moms, I had days filled with pride and confidence, periods of frustration and fear, and a few days of why-did-I-ever-decide-to-do-this?! 

As of this writing, our daughter has earned a high school diploma and an associates degree through the local community college.  She is currently looking for work -- very frustrating! -- and looking into art therapy programs in a college not too far from home -- exciting!   She's a very talented artist and designed my site logo.  Our son is finishing his first year of classes at community college, working toward a diploma and associates degree.  He will probably follow in his father's footsteps and persue a career in technology or engineering.

As I began to step away from the role of primary learning facilitator, I looked for another place to invest my time and energy.  I found great satisfaction in encouraging and supporting some younger homeschooling friends.  I considered how I could use my experience to help other homeschoolers, and the idea for this site was born.  It's taken me quite a while to learn what I needed to know to make a fairly complicated website work.  (But, of course, self-education is what homeschoolers do!)

I hope this site will be helpful to your family's pursuit of knowledge.  Please use the website feedback form to let me know how I can make the site fit your needs.