Pi Day is Coming!

Next Monday (3/14) is Pi Day! And you may not realize that it's also Albert Einstein's birthday. What a great day to celebrate! So here are several resources for learning about Albert Einstein and the history and importance of Pi.

This article from biography.com has some good information on Albert Einstein, and a few Pi Day fun facts thrown in.

For more about Einstein, explore this online exhibit from the American Institute of Physics.

This pdf from physics.org has some nice experiments for Einstein's birthday.

Pi Day originated at the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco. If you're lucky enough to live nearby, there are all sorts of fun events planned at the museum. But most of us will have to settle for checking out their Pi Day website for information, activities and links.

There are a lot of fun ideas at teachpi.org: everything from projects to lesson plans to snacks to music videos! This site is written for classroom teachers, so it would be particularly useful if you're in a co-op or other group setting. But there are certainly many things you can use at home.

PBS Learning Media has almost 40 different resources on Pi, including interactive activities, websites, and videos. There are resources for all ages in this list.

This Pi Day webquest from mathgoodies.com looks like it's appropriate for about junior high age students. It includes worksheets, puzzles and some online lessons.

There's even a wikihow with some ideas for celebrating!

The Joy of Pi has quite a few interesting links to explore with older students. And if you want to really delve into the topic with your math geek, check out the Pi is Rational Page

And finally, just for fun: go to The Pi Search Page to see how many times your birthday (or any other combination of numbers) appears in the first 200 million digits of Pi.

Enjoy Pi Day, and Happy Homeschooling!