A Website for Exploring Astronomy

Today is International Astronomy Day!  So it's a good day to feature this very useful information website called Windows to the Universe.

This website is sponsored by the National Earth Science Teachers Association and presents a wealth of information on earth and space science topics.  There are hundreds of articles with gorgeous images and informative text. Sections on the Sun, Earth, Solar System, and Space make finding specific information easy. There are some interesting additional sections as well, including People (providing biographical information on historical scientists and philosophers) and Just Fun (with games and multimedia content.)  A teachers section includes classroom activities and articles to help you in planning and accomplishing learning goals.

This is one of those websites with links everywhere!  If your family tends toward unschooling, just unleash the kids here and let the learning commence!  If you're working on (or planning) a unit on an earth or space science topic, this site is great for kid-friendly research.  (There are ads, but they're pretty obvious and kid-appropriate from what I could see.)  If you think this is a site you'll use often, you might consider subscribing.  It's pretty affordable, and there are some member benefits that are useful for homeschooling (like a journal feature and pdf files for lessons and activities.)

So spend some time exploring Windows to the Universe (warning: you may get sucked in an spend a LOT of time!)  Share any interesting finds and ideas in the comments below or on my resource listing.

Happy Homeschooling!