Disclosure and Privacy

Ad Disclosure

I hope this page will provide information to address any questions or concerns about privacy and advertising on the site. If you need more details or still have concerns after reading this, please contact me using the website feedback link to the right.


  1. Registering as a User: I require user registration to post comments in order to control spam on the site. I will not send you emails about sales or new content. (I generally post about those things on Facebook, Google+ and Linked In. If you want to keep up to date, you can follow my pages on those sites. Just click on the icons at the top of any page.) I also require user registration for purchasing a Resource Set. This is so you can easily access the files you have purchased. I will not share your email information with anyone else.


  2. Advertising: I have included some Google ads on my website, for a couple of reasons:

    The first reason is that I'm hoping to get a little income from the website, and this seems a relatively painless way to do it while still keeping the site free for everyone.

    Another reason for including content linked ads is that they can sometimes be useful to you. I'm sure you will see lots of ads for educational resources as you browse the site. Since you're here to find resources, I hope you'll occasionally find an ad that's helpful!

    I've kept the ads contained in blocks at the top, side bars and bottom of the pages. You won't see any in the middle of search results, so it should be easy to tell ads from information on the site.

    Google uses cookies to serve ads based on your interests and browsing behavior. You can opt out of interest-based ads here. You can also find more information about regulating ads here.


  1. I will also be using affiliate links on the site. If you follow one of these links and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. (It does not affect your purchase price.)