Finding Resources

Resource Listings

Each resource has several pieces of useful information listed.  The descriptions below should help you to understand the listings. Once you understand them, use the search box to the right or browse the resources to find what you need.

This is what you'll find in each resource listing:

Link: a link to the main webpage for the resource.

​​Age Range: I've listed by grade, because that's the standard more often used.  You will, of course, adjust for your children.  Clicking on the link will show all resources in the catagory.

Resource Types

Many of these are self-explanatory.  Some have sub-catagories. Clicking on the link will show you all resources in that catagory.


Many of these also have sub-categories. Clicking on the links will show you all the resources in that category

​​Religious Content: This is useful information if you are looking for religious content or trying to avoid it!  If the listing says "unknown," check the comments for opinions.  If you have input on a particular resource, use the contact form to let me know.

Price: Free or a rating of 1-4 $'s.  This is a little hard to quantify, but I tried to be fairly consistent and take into consideration cost vs. amount of material, length of study time, and subjects covered.  As you browse the resources, you'll get a feel for what things will cost.