Hands-on Materials

Math on the Level

This curriculum has a very different approach to math learning. It's designed to allow teaching of concepts as the child is ready to learn them, and uses hands-on, life-learning activities. Materials include several books with activities for different areas of math (operations, fractions, money and decimals, geometry and measurement) plus games, resources and record keeping. There is also an online practice component available. *A note about price: it is a multi-year program, so the overall cost is very reasonable.

Art for Kids Hub

This site has loads of art projects for kids up to about jr. high age. There are fun videos to show you the process, plus printables to go with them. You can get most of the content for free, but a low subscription price gets you some extra member lessons and no ads.

Artistic Pursuits

A complete homeschool visual arts curriculum. There are books and separate kits with all the needed art supplies. (The kits are a bit pricey, but you could find lower quality, less expensive alternatives to use.) Looks like a very comprehensive approach to visual arts.

Shiller Math

A Montessori based math program for pre-K through jr. high levels. You can buy kits with all the required manipulatives, or get all program elements separately. I have heard very good things about this program.


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