Homeschooling Help

Homeschool Curriculum

This help site is unusual, because it's written by a homeschooling dad. There's a blog with lots of great information on curriculum and general homeschool help articles. There are also reading lists, links to free worksheets, and user reviews of specific curriculum. He also provides a really expensive online course to help you get started homeschooling.

Printable Paper

This site has nearly 2000 templates you can download and print for free. Some highlights: handwriting pages, graph paper (in all shapes and sizes!), calendars, knitting and cross-stitch graphs, comic pages, and many more! 

Ursa Minor Learning

Free curriculum guides for a Charlotte Mason approach. Includes broad topics and suggestions of books and links for covering the topics. (It does not include specific weekly plans.) Currently, only high school level is available, but there are plans for elementary and middle school guides with week by week schedules.

Wildwood Curriculum

This site offers a free, secular, Charlotte Mason curriculum plan. They are just getting started, so only the first levels (ages 6-9) are available yet. The plan offers suggested books and resources, which you would need to purchase or find at your library. It appears to be a very thorough, authentic application of Charlotte Mason philosophy. 


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