Critical Thinking/Logic

Turing Tumble

This is just about the coolest toy I've ever seen! Build marble powered computing devices to learn how computers work and explore the logic of programming. The set comes with all the necessary parts and a book of puzzle challenges. It's also very reasonably priced!

Lemonade Day

If you have a budding entrepreneur in your family, this site is for you! Join in your local Lemonade Day activities and help your child learn financial literacy, problem solving, goal setting and more.

All Sides

This website provides access to news content from all sides and attempts to evaluate biases. It's goal is to remove readers from their "filter bubbles", promote critical thinking, and fight polarization. It's a great resource for older students (and adults!) in these difficult political times.

Tin Man Press

This company publishes materials for developing thinking skills.  If you want ideas to help your children develop critical thinking, logic, visual processing skills, or creative thinking, these are great resources!  There are many sample pages on the website, so you can try out some ideas before buying.  Prices are reasonable, and many of the books are available in e-format.

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