Learn About Electronics with EEME

February 25th is "Introduce a Girl to Engineering" day, so this week's resource can help you teach your daughter (or son!) about electronics in an entertaining, hands-on way.

EEME is a company started by a regular dad who was looking for fun and truly educational toys for his kids. The projects kits and online lessons he created are designed to allow parents and kids to learn as they build electronic circuits together. 


Eight Great Science Websites

I'm back to blogging agian after a few weeks of home improvement projects!  This week's post is one that I wrote as a guest blog post for Homeschool Tracker. (You can see their blog here.) It's a list of eight free science websites.


Do you have a budding scientist in your house? Whether it's a 7-year-old asking “why...?” and “how...?” or a teen with a passion for astronomy, we want to give our children the tools to satisfy their curiosity and learn with enthusiasm.



This website from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute has a wealth of information for jr. high, high school and college level students. There are video lectures, short films and video clips, interactive materials (including virtual labs) and much more! Anyone studying biology could spend hours exploring and learning from this site.

Much of the material covers topics about evolution, so it would make a great supplement to a religiously neutral curriculum that avoids the subject.


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