FunCation Academy

This site is a sort of online homeschool co-op with a very reasonable monthly subscription fee. You get access to lots of educational websites and an online planning tool, as well as some live online classes (with extra fees, but also very affordable.) They also offer some assessment tools.

4 Teachers

This is a website with tools for teachers to incorporate technology into learning.  There are tools for creating quizzes and scoring rubrics, several different tools for use in note-taking and writing reasearch papers, and an online planning calendar.  There are also several online math games and something called TrackStar.  This tool allows teachers (or parents) to gather web resources into an online lesson for students to follow.  You can make your own Tracks or use the ones created by others. 

Learning Success Institute

This company offers learning style assessments (available at a huge discount through Homeschool Buyers Co-op) as well as some curriculum materials for writing, spelling, math and financial literacy.  They also have an independent study program.  It's pretty expensive, but could be useful for high school documentation.  It also might help new homeschool who feel insecure about the process.

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

This is a great organization that gets discounts on curriculum and other resources throught group buying power.  Especially good for web-based curriculum, software, and subscription services like Brain Pop or Discovery Education Streaming.  They even have an online planner.  Membership is free.


"Curriculum and Classes in a click!"  A lot of small homeschool publishers sell through this site.  There are lots of ebooks, and a few years ago they started offering live online classes.  Prices and religious content vary quite a bit, but they have a good system for finding what you want.  There are some interesting freebies here, too!

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