Web-based Curriculum

Zenva Academy

Self-paced, online courses for learning coding. These are pretty reasonably priced, and cover a wide range of coding languages and skills. There are a few free courses, so you can try them out risk-free.

Math Celebrity

This site gives instant, step by step solutions to math problems. There are also video lessons to help explain math concepts and help for ACT and SAT tests, plus a podcast and some other information about the college application process. You can access the math help for free, but a paid subscription gets rid of the ads and gives you a few extra features.

Game Salad

Learn computer science through game design with this online visual programming platform. There are options for annual subscriptions to the software and added curriculum materials. The price is a little high, but it's a great tool for harnessing enthusiasm for video games!

School History

This British site has resources for history learning at jr. high and high school levels. There are some resources available for free, but most require a subscription (reasonably priced.) Resources include printable worksheets and information, powerpoint presentations, short videos and more.

iLearn Math

An online math curriculum for K through algebra. This program uses flash-based exercises for practice and assessment. Activities are customized to the child's abilities to challenge and encourage learning. It lacks the bells and whistles of many online programs, and the price is a bit high. But it could work for some students.


An online learning app for elementary level students, covering language arts, math, STEM, art and foreign language topics. Includes animated lessons and activities, narrated stories, games, progress tracking, and more. The affordable monthly subscription allows up to 4 students.


This online learning system has courses for nearly every subject and all grade levels (even offering college credits!) Materials include video lessons, and online quizzes and tests. You can track progress for as many students as you'd like with the teacher subscription, which is reasonably priced at $60/month.


This complete music curriculum is available online for preschool and elementary level students. The basic curriculum includes videos lessons using Kodaly hand signs and singing. You can also purchase color coded desk bells to play along while learning music notation and theory. An upgrade to membership gives you access to lesson plans and printable materials.


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