Web-based Curriculum

Read Theory

A free online reading comprehension program. Students begin with an assessment and all assignments/quizzes are automatically generated by the program. Parents can check progress through online reports. A sister site provides printed materials at very reasonable prices.


This is an incredible, free resource for science learning. A collection of online virtual lab tools and apps for designing and carrying out virtual experiments. You create learning spaces combining a lab and apps (and adding other online or resources) for your individual use. You can also copy and adapt learning spaces created by others. This resource has great potential for encouraging your budding scientist!

Soft Schools

This website has a wealth of free resources, including information pages, online games and quizzes, printable worksheets and more. Covers all grades and nearly all subjects. Much of the content is available for free (with many ads, some of them rather intrusive!) But the subscription price is reasonable and gives you a few nice features. 

Amazon Inspire

A collection of educational resources from Amazon. Includes downloadable pdf's, videos, and links to various online resources. Everything appears to be free, so far. The program is in Beta testing, and there will be a feature to allow you to share your own resources eventually.


Project based computer science learning using the Scratch program from MIT. Students use templates to create slideshows, quizzes and games in Scratch. The templates include step-by-step help, printable worksheets, and explanations of the code. The projects are content-based, so they provide a way for kids to show what they're learning in other subjects. Reasonably priced, and a great tool for homeschoolers!

Math Help

Online math curriculum for junior high, high school and college levels. Includes video lessons, online practice and tests, and printable worksheets. Subscription gives you access to all courses for your family, but only includes tracking and records for one student. Price is reasonable, and there are sample lessons to try out the program.


This is a system that uses music to teach languages. You can purchase CD's or download the audio files and accompanying workbook, or use the app. There are quite a few languages, and the price is reasonable.


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