Web-based Curriculum


Lessons based on TED Talks. Each lesson includes the video, questions (multiple choice, open-ended, and discussion starters) and some links for further learning. You can also create and share your own lessons from TED Talks. Or start a club encouraging students to discuss and share big ideas, using a curriculum that teaches students to make their own TED-style talks.


An online vocabulary program that teaches meaning of prefixes, suffixes, and word roots. You can use the program for free, or pay just $30 per course to skip the ads and have a teacher account. Each course is designed to cover a year of study.

Smart Music

This is an online tool to help students with music practice. Students use the online metronome, accompaniment and practice tools to improve quickly and receive feedback. This tool would be great to use in combination with music lessons, but could be used independently as well. 

Young Scientist Lab

An annual science contest for middle school level students. The website has lots of resources for younger students as well, and could be useful even without entering the contest. There are lesson plans, interactives, and hands-on activities, plus support materials for the contest. 

Good Typing

A no-frills, free online typing course. The interface is simple, and it provides words per minute and error information for each lesson. You can also choose from different language and keyboard layout options.

Braining Camp

This resource provides virtual manipulatives and online lessons for math learning. The subscription price is reasonable, and there are some free lessons as well as a 30-day trial to check it out before you buy.

Rocket Lit

This online program provides adaptive reading passages on history and science. There are quizzes with multiple choice and free response questions for each article. As students progress, the reading level of the passages is adapted to their level. There is also an annotation tool so students can highlight and comment on text. A great tool for learning in science and history, and reasonably priced.


This is a character education program for young children (PK through grade 3.) There are ten stories in e-book format that explore concepts like respect, kindness, and empathy. There are lessons and activities to accompany each story. You can get the stories and a few activities for free, but need to subscribe for most lessons and activities. The activities are very classroom-oriented, so homeschoolers may not get a lot from a subscription. There is also an online game component, which requires signing up for a waiting list.


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