KUTA Software

This software generates worksheets for practicing concepts in jr. high/high school level math. The software is a bit pricey, but there a free worksheets available, and you can get a 14-day free trial.


Listening comprehension program using curated podcasts from NPR. Free lesson materials include comprehension and discussion questions, plus a few graphic organizers and close listening worksheets. There is also a subscription option, but it is designed for schools and prices are not listed.

Discovering Plate Boundaries

This is a short study unit on plate tectonics from Rice University. The activities are based on several downloadable data maps, and are designed for classroom use. They could be used in co-op situations or adapted for home use. Even without the activities, there are quite a few good links and resources included in the materials. All free.

Paper is Power

This is a free middle school level writing program from (of all places!) Hammermill Paper. You can order a printed kit, or just download the teacher and student books. The website has some other activity ideas as well.

K5 Math

This math teaching consultancy company has a great website. There are quite a few sample activities available for free, and the ebooks are very reasonably priced. Most of the books and activities involve word problems, projects and journaling, so it is a different approach to math learning. There is also a great list of math related books for reading aloud.

Spell By Color

An inexpensive, rule-based spelling program. You can get the first year for free and find out if it works for you family. It's not a very exciting-looking resource, but the logical, simple approach could work very well for many kids.

Unicorn Writing

This is a fun site from a British primary school teacher with some great writing resources. There are lesson ideas for different kinds of writing, which include free videos with suggestions for activities. (You can also purchase inexpensive resource packs to go with them.) There are also writing prompts and some teaching tips. A great place for help with elementary level writing skills!


A collection of hip-hop song videos that teach concepts in many subjects. Videos can be watched in regular or discussion mode (the video automatically pauses in certain spots for questions.) There are accompanying discussion questions, quizzes and activities. Subscription price is reasonable. 


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