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Time Maps

This site is an interactive atlas, timeline and encyclopedia of world history. Much of the content is available for free, but a very inexpensive subscription gives you access to more maps, teaching ideas and an ad free experience.

Food Timeline

This website doesn't look particularly impressive, but has an incredible amount of information and resources on the history of food. There are pages and pages of text information, recipes, teacher resources, and links to many more resources online. A great activity to add to any history study!

We Choose the Moon

This site (part of the JFK Presidential Library) lets you relive the Apollo 11 mission through photos and video. You follow a virtual spacecraft through different points of the mission, look at it from different angles, and focus on hotspots to see and hear what was happening. A great way to experience history and science!

Penn Museum

This website from the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology has some great teacher resources. There are pdf's with activities, worksheets, and information. The site also has quite a bit of multimedia material related to the exhibits, which is useful even if you can't visit the museum.

Climate Kids

This website from NASA has all sorts of kid-friendly information on climate and weather. There are many information pages with text and visuals, a few interactive games, lots of hands-on activity ideas, and some information on green careers. 


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