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826 Digital

A small but growing collection of writing resources. It includes three types of resources: "sparks" are one-session prompts; "lessons" have specific outcomes and require longer or multiple sessions; and "projects" use multple sessions to work through the writing process. 

Ursa Minor Learning

Free curriculum guides for a Charlotte Mason approach. Includes broad topics and suggestions of books and links for covering the topics. (It does not include specific weekly plans.) Currently, only high school level is available, but there are plans for elementary and middle school guides with week by week schedules.

Maestro Classics

CD's or digital downloads of famous classical works or music with added educational content, including composer biographies and more. The CD's and audio files are reasonably priced, and there are free curriculum guides and other resources on the website. You can get a discount on the entire set through Homeschool Buyers Co-op.

Living Math

This is a math program that uses the idea of "reading math" to approach the subject through history and stories. You can purchase lesson plans that provide lists of books and schedules for reading and exploring mathematical concepts.


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