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FunCation Academy

This site is a sort of online homeschool co-op with a very reasonable monthly subscription fee. You get access to lots of educational websites and an online planning tool, as well as some live online classes (with extra fees, but also very affordable.) They also offer some assessment tools.

Learn Boost

This is a free online planning system designed for classroom teachers. Some of the features are not that useful for homeschoolers, but one useful feature is integration with Google apps. And it's free, so may be worth a try!

Lesson Trek

This is an online homeschool planning system that is fairly easy to use.  The drag and drop feature makes it easy to move assignments around and they can be copied to other dates as well.  It doesn't have as many features as some other computer based planners, but would be ideal for simple planning and record keeping.


An online lesson planning system.  This system is designed for public school teachers, but could be adapted for homeschool use.  There are several tutorial videos to get you started, and the price is quite reasonable.

4 Teachers

This is a website with tools for teachers to incorporate technology into learning.  There are tools for creating quizzes and scoring rubrics, several different tools for use in note-taking and writing reasearch papers, and an online planning calendar.  There are also several online math games and something called TrackStar.  This tool allows teachers (or parents) to gather web resources into an online lesson for students to follow.  You can make your own Tracks or use the ones created by others. 


An online homeschool planning system.  It's reasonably priced.  (Starts at $3/month for one student.  Add $1 for each additional student up to $7/month maximum fee.)  There is a free 15-day trial, but there are no screen shots or feature lists on the website, so you'd have to sign up for the trial for get any more information.


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