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An online learning app for elementary level students, covering language arts, math, STEM, art and foreign language topics. Includes animated lessons and activities, narrated stories, games, progress tracking, and more. The affordable monthly subscription allows up to 4 students.

This online learning system has courses for nearly every subject and all grade levels (even offering college credits!) Materials include video lessons, and online quizzes and tests. You can track progress for as many students as you'd like with the teacher subscription, which is reasonably priced at $60/month.

Saylor Academy

This non-profit organization offers over 100 free self-paced, online, college level courses. You can complete individual courses and receive certificates of completion or college credit through their partner schools. There are also a few certificate programs available that document sequences of classes. A great way to get started on college credits!

Five Senses Literature Lessons

These curriculum guides are written by an Occupational Therapist and designed to be effective for children with learning differences or sensory issues (though they can certainly work with neurotypical children as well.) The lessons center on children's books and cover cover all major subject areas. They include lots of hands-on, developmentally appropriate activities. Currently, there are materials available for preschool and early elementary ages, and more guides are coming to cover higher level learning (up to about middle school level.)

Wieser Educational

This company carries textbooks, workbooks and ebooks in all major subjects. They are advertised as "resources for struggling learners" so many of the books are high interest/low reading level. There are some useful life skills resources as well. Prices are pretty reasonable.


A children's magazine, published in the UK and available world-wide. Each issue explores a topic, and includes interesting articles, colorful artwork, great information, and hands-on activities. Price is a bit high, but there's no advertising or "fluff", so it worth the investment.


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