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Wildwood Curriculum

This site offers a free, secular, Charlotte Mason curriculum plan. They are just getting started, so only the first levels (ages 6-9) are available yet. The plan offers suggested books and resources, which you would need to purchase or find at your library. It appears to be a very thorough, authentic application of Charlotte Mason philosophy. 

Soft Schools

This website has a wealth of free resources, including information pages, online games and quizzes, printable worksheets and more. Covers all grades and nearly all subjects. Much of the content is available for free (with many ads, some of them rather intrusive!) But the subscription price is reasonable and gives you a few nice features. 

Amazon Inspire

A collection of educational resources from Amazon. Includes downloadable pdf's, videos, and links to various online resources. Everything appears to be free, so far. The program is in Beta testing, and there will be a feature to allow you to share your own resources eventually.

Homeschool Literature

This site (which is affiliated with Time4Learning) has summaries, reviews and a few learning resources for books by and about homeschoolers. In a few minutes of browsing, I saw quite a bit of variety (everything from classics like "Little Women" to self-published books by current and former homeschoolers.) What a great way to find some new reading material and support the homeschooling community!

DK Find Out

This is a great website from publisher Dorling Kindersley. It includes content from their beautiful books as well as videos and teacher resources. A wonderful site for encouraging kids' curiosity!


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