Maestro Classics

CD's or digital downloads of famous classical works or music with added educational content, including composer biographies and more. The CD's and audio files are reasonably priced, and there are free curriculum guides and other resources on the website. You can get a discount on the entire set through Homeschool Buyers Co-op.

Making Music Fun

Music learning resources galore! There are many free printable resources for learning piano, music theory, composers and other musical elements. There are also loads of lesson plans and links. Some products are not free, but reasonably priced, and you can purchase an annual subscription for access to everything.


Computer games and apps for learning music and typing. Some are free (with "in app purchases" so be careful!) and some have a reasonable purchase price.

Smart Game Piano

A fun, online resource for learning to play video game music on the piano. There's a large and growing library of songs, and you can find them by level of difficulty, or search for a particular game. (As a trained musician and music educator, I have to add a cautionary note here. The site makes the statement, "You don't need to read notes." If you're just looking for the experience of creating music informally, this is fine. But if you have a child who is at all serious about composing or performing music, please provide the tools for learning standard music notation.


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