Foreign Languages

Rocket Langauges

Language learning program with audio lessons, reinforcement activities, voice recognition, and grammar and culture lessons. This looks like a very thorough and affordable curriculum. The only thing lacking (compared to most other online language programs) is the photos, so visual learners may have difficulty.


This is a system that uses music to teach languages. You can purchase CD's or download the audio files and accompanying workbook, or use the app. There are quite a few languages, and the price is reasonable.


Online games and video lessons for K-8. This program is designed to adapt to each student's responses and adjust activities to fit the child. A parent account allows you to choose levels, activities and goals. Covers many subject areas and is reasonably priced.

Dino Lingo

Language learning program for young children (age 2-7.) Includes online lessons, books, DVD's, activity books, hands-on materials and more. Looks very thorough and the price is reasonable.


An online language learning system. Courses in French, Spanish, Chinese, German, and Latin for grades 3 through 12. You can choose independent study, or pay extra for teacher support.


Affordable foreign language curriculum that begins with listening/comprehension, then moves on to reading and writing. Not a huge selection of languages, but a good solid program.


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