Foreign Languages

Language Zen

This online Spanish learning system includes a feature allowing you to learn from lyrics of pop songs, along with the usual computer-based language learning activities. Nearly all features are available for free (with ads and limited times per day.) Or you can pay a small subscription fee for complete access.

Radio Lingua

An online language learning program with complete courses in French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese. There are also introductory materials in several other languages. The program includes video and audio lessons and lesson notes in pdf form. You can access the audio lessons for free on iTunes or Spotify, and there are sample lessons available to try out the program.

Rocket Langauges

Language learning program with audio lessons, reinforcement activities, voice recognition, and grammar and culture lessons. This looks like a very thorough and affordable curriculum. The only thing lacking (compared to most other online language programs) is the photos, so visual learners may have difficulty.


This is a system that uses music to teach languages. You can purchase CD's or download the audio files and accompanying workbook, or use the app. There are quite a few languages, and the price is reasonable.


Online games and video lessons for K-8. This program is designed to adapt to each student's responses and adjust activities to fit the child. A parent account allows you to choose levels, activities and goals. Covers many subject areas and is reasonably priced.


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