Code Spark

This is an app for young children to begin learning coding. An interesting quote from the site: "We believe all kids are natural builders and programming is one of the most rewarding and powerful ways to build." The cost for the app is a bit high, but there are some free teacher resources that look very useful.

Dino Lingo

Language learning program for young children (age 2-7.) Includes online lessons, books, DVD's, activity books, hands-on materials and more. Looks very thorough and the price is reasonable.


Computer games and apps for learning music and typing. Some are free (with "in app purchases" so be careful!) and some have a reasonable purchase price.

Square Panda

Phonics learning materials that hook up to an iPad. Includes some game apps and a set of "smart letters" toys that help young children (age 2+) develop reading readiness skills. The site says they're working on development of an Andriod version, too.

Math Games

Free math games and practice questions for K through 8th grade. If you sign up as a teacher or parent, you can set up assignments and track progress. There is no instruction, but it's a fun way to practice skills and math facts.


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