Ancient History

The Big Myth

A free, online learning module that compares creation myths from different cultures. Each myth is presented in a short animation, and there are downloadable files with cultural information and activities to accompany them. 

Vikings Unit

A study unit on Vikings using lapbook and/or notebook resources.  Includes links to websites, books, videos, crafts and games. Can be done with free curriculum materials and resources. 


Ancient Egypt Study Unit

This is a study unit on Ancient Egypt using the History Scribe Ancient Egypt book.  It can be done with older students using History Scholar.  The unit can be completed in 6 to 12 weeks depending on pacing.  If you find books at your library, you could get everything you need for as little as 75 cents!


Pandia Press

This company produces the REAL Science Odyssey and History Odyssey materials. They offer a secular, classical approach to science and history study for elementary and junior high level students.


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