Nation States

A free online simulation game. You create your own country and deal with daily issues. You can participate in the "Wold Assembly" or just keep to yourself. Looks like a great way to learn about governments and politics.


A free online resource founded by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor to promote civics learning and civic engagement. There are online games and many lesson plans and learning activities. 

Carolina K-12

This organization (a program of UNC Chapel Hill) has a searchable database of lessons and activities for teaching civics in K through 12.  They're designed for classroom use, so they would work well in a co-op setting.  They could also be adapted for use at home.


This company provides online courses in math, science, public speaking, and a few college level courses as well. They all have video lessons, exercises and exams.  My kids used several of their math courses and found the videos engaging.  They're very comprehensive courses.  If you order through Homeschool Buyers Co-op you get "smart points" that help you purchase other curriculum.  


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