Cultural Studies

Our Africa

This website has videos made made by children in Africa, telling about their lives and the countries where they live. There is also information on various aspects of life in the continent, and opportunities to help SOS Children (the charity organization that sponsors the program.)

Nation States

A free online simulation game. You create your own country and deal with daily issues. You can participate in the "Wold Assembly" or just keep to yourself. Looks like a great way to learn about governments and politics.

The Big Myth

A free, online learning module that compares creation myths from different cultures. Each myth is presented in a short animation, and there are downloadable files with cultural information and activities to accompany them. 

Australia Geography Unit

This is a study unit on Australia including geography topics, aboriginal culture, Australian animals and "Waltzing Matilda" (among other things!)  It's designed to cover about a month of study, but could be expanded or shortened to fit your needs.  Essential curriculum materials cost $7.  Can be expanded with various resources and materials (including a didgerigoo) that cost up to $50.


Teaching History

This is an incredibly useful site!  There are teaching materials and lesson plans for all levels.  But the best part is the extremely well-designed search function.  Search the web for museums and historic sites or multimedia content.  They have a section of website reviews, which could be a great timesaver!

Country Reports

Nice website that has maps, information and statistics for countries. Activities feature allows you to make graphs and charts comparing different countries. Very affordable subscription price for a year, 5 days or one day.


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