Curriculum Software


This company provides programs for beginning reading and math learning. Components include interactive computer lessons (delivered on a DVD) and workbooks (printable from the DVD, or you can order printed versions.) The price is quite reasonable.

A+ Interactive Math

A very affordable online math curriculum. Interactive lessons with online practice and tests, plus printable worksheets, and progress tracking. There are placement tests available, and you can purchase a single year or access to the entire program with the ability to change individual student placement at any time. Looks like a very flexible and comprehensive program.


This company provides resources for "humane science education." There are free brochures and materials for exploring the ethics of animal dissection in education. There is also a lending library of resources for the study of anatomy without using animals, including models and software to simulate dissections. Nearly everything is free!

Dino Lingo

Language learning program for young children (age 2-7.) Includes online lessons, books, DVD's, activity books, hands-on materials and more. Looks very thorough and the price is reasonable.


A free software for learning object-oriented programming. There are links on the website to several other sites with teaching materials.

Open Lore

E-reader software that uses text-to-speach technology. This software reads e-books, with several different voice options and some other great features including notes, highlighting, and spell checking. Purchase e-books from Open Lore or download from services like Project Gutenberg. (You can even upload documents for proofreading!) Only available for Windows.

Mind Connex

Multimedia learning materials for iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC.  There is a reading program for K/1st Grade and Shakespeare for jr. high/high school.  Reasonably priced, and available through Homeschool Buyers Co-op.


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