Grammar Galaxy

A language arts curriculum for elementary level. There are currently two levels for beginning readers, with more planned to cover up to 6th grade level. Does not include reading or phonics instruction. Available in print or digital format.

Grade Spelling

A free online spelling and vocabulary program. It includes 40 spelling lists for each grade from first through eighth. There are interactives, games and printables for practicing, as well as assessments. A subscription upgrade allows you to create your own lists and customize the program in other ways.

Reading Eggs

An online reading curriculum for ages 3-13. Includes animated lessons, interactive activities and games. Subscription price is very reasonable, and you can also purchase activity books and flashcards to use with the online program.


This company provides online curriculum in reading, spelling, phonics, math and typing for elementary students. The materials are designed to help students with dyslexia, but could be used by anyone. 

Fun Brain

Free online games for practicing reading and math skills.  Also includes some ebooks and comics, and parent and teacher pages with a few other resources, including some printables.  Looks to be very kid safe!


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