K5 Learning

Online reading, math, and spelling curriculum for elementary ages. Includes interactive lessons, assessments, progress tracking, and reports for parents. There are also free worksheets and some printable workbooks available for purchase.

Go Phonics

This complete phonics and reading curriculum uses the multi-sensory, Orton-Gillingham approach, which is often effective for students with dyslexia. The packages available are pricey, but would cover about 3 years of learning. You can also purchase items separately if you'd like to try it out before investing in the complete package.

Budding Reader

This company publishes five sets of ebooks for learning to read. The books are reasonably priced, and there are some free worksheets to go with them. The company also donates a book to a child in need every time you make a purchase.

Heidi Songs

This company provides learning songs for pre-school and primary levels, with printable resources to accompany them. The songs are available on CD's, DVD's and online videos. They cover phonics, reading, math, and other early learning concepts. Great for kinetic and auditory learners.


Materials for developing handwriting skills for pre-school through early elementary age children.  Includes magnetic pieces for forming letters and improving fine and gross motor skills. Also includes workbooks and other hands-on activities.  

Progressive Phonics

A free phonics and reading program.  Includes e-books that can be read online or printed.  Each phonics reader has an accompanying activity book with flashcards, handwriting activities, games and puzzles.  This looks like it could be a complete program for learning to read.


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