Computer games and apps for learning music and typing. Some are free (with "in app purchases" so be careful!) and some have a reasonable purchase price.

Typing Club

A very nice, free online typing program. Easy to use and very few ads. You can use it without registering or register for free and keep track of your progress. There is a school version available for a very small fee that gives you extra features.


This company provides online curriculum in reading, spelling, phonics, math and typing for elementary students. The materials are designed to help students with dyslexia, but could be used by anyone. 


Online typing lessons and speed tests.  This is a pretty "bare bones" website with a fair number of ads, but it's free!  You can register to track your progress, and there's a section just for kids.


A free online resource for learning to type.  There are student and teacher accounts, so you can track progress.  Along with the lessons, there are many games for practicing.  You can purchase a gold account if you want to get rid of the ads.


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