Advanced Math

Mr. D Math

Online math curriculum for jr. high and high school level students. This is a self-paced online program, but you can also pay extra for live online sessions. Includes video instruction and online practice and tests.

Derek Owens Math and Physics

Online classes (live options in Atlanta area) in high school level math and physics. Courses include video instruction and printed workbooks. Students complete written assignments and submit them electronically for feedback. They can also email questions to the teacher. Looks like a good, complete program at a fairly reasonable price.

Math Help

Online math curriculum for junior high, high school and college levels. Includes video lessons, online practice and tests, and printable worksheets. Subscription gives you access to all courses for your family, but only includes tracking and records for one student. Price is reasonable, and there are sample lessons to try out the program.


Online math software from Amazon. Includes lessons for K through 12. You can access one grade level and many features for free. Pricing appears to be pretty reasonable for the premium service, which includes assessments and other features.

Yay Math!

Free videos for high school level math learning, with worksheets and online quizzes to go with them.  Probably not a complete program, since there isn't a lot of practice material, but it is free.


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