Elementary Math

Jump Math

Complete math curriculum for grades K through 8. The teacher guides are available as free downloads, or can be purchased in printed form along with the student workbooks. Prices are quite reasonable.


This is an online math curriculum for elementary and jr. high levels. It presents concepts visually and uses creative problem solving to build understanding. A bit pricey, but it appears to be a very solid approach to math learning.

Math on the Level

This curriculum has a very different approach to math learning. It's designed to allow teaching of concepts as the child is ready to learn them, and uses hands-on, life-learning activities. Materials include several books with activities for different areas of math (operations, fractions, money and decimals, geometry and measurement) plus games, resources and record keeping. There is also an online practice component available. *A note about price: it is a multi-year program, so the overall cost is very reasonable.

Go Math

This is the online component of the Houghton Mifflin math curriculum. It includes video lessons, games, practice and lots of motivational extras. It's also very reasonably priced.

Reflex Math

This is an online program for learning math facts. I always advise parents to concentrate more on concepts than fact memorization. But tools like this can sometimes be useful, and this appears to be a good one. The price is reasonable, and its designed to be adaptive and fun.


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