Elementary Math

Braining Camp

This resource provides virtual manipulatives and online lessons for math learning. The subscription price is reasonable, and there are some free lessons as well as a 30-day trial to check it out before you buy.

Math Stories

This site has thousands of word problems for elementary level learners. There are also a few strategies for solving word problems. The annual subscription price is very reasonable, although the payment process is a bit primitive.


An online math program for use on phone, tablet or computer. Designed to be used in short sessions to practice essential concepts and skills. Depending on your approach to math, it may be a complete program or a supplement. 

Math Live

This site has a collection of interactive lessons on math concepts for upper elementary and jr. high levels. There are teacher notes and assessment activities available in pdf form. The interface is a little awkward, so finding the lesson you want takes a little work. But the lessons are engaging and it's all free!

Heidi Songs

This company provides learning songs for pre-school and primary levels, with printable resources to accompany them. The songs are available on CD's, DVD's and online videos. They cover phonics, reading, math, and other early learning concepts. Great for kinetic and auditory learners.


The Comprehensive School Mathematics Program is a free curriculum for math in grades K through 6. It is available in the form of PDF's including lesson plans, worksheets, math story books and more.

Living Math

This is a math program that uses the idea of "reading math" to approach the subject through history and stories. You can purchase lesson plans that provide lists of books and schedules for reading and exploring mathematical concepts.


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