Alien Earths

This website was part of a traveling exhibit about life on other planets. (The exhibit is no longer traveling, but the website still has good resources.) It includes interactive content, online games, and some great links.


Online, interactive math and science curriculum for jr. high and high school level. Available to homeschoolers at very reasonable prices through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op.

Elemental Science

Science curriculum written by a homeschooling mom/scientist.  Includes experiments and notebooking activities.  There are programs for preschool through high school ages, in all areas of science.  There are even a few online classes.

Supercharged Science

Science curriculum for all ages.  There are several options including an online program, dvds, and complete kits w/ all the equipment and materials you need. *This curriculum does not cover evolution, so you will need to supplement if you want to teach those concepts.


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